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Balanced Lifestyle Therapies is a unique healing center. Our approach is centered around releasing blocked patterns and energies that have prevented you from living life fully.
Laurie and Bernhard Staschik are both certified Raja Energy™ practitioners, a unique technique developed through Raja Yoga which heals body, mind and soul at the highest levels.

 Raja taps the pranic energy for dynamic energy releasing and evolutionary energy medicine. Through this personal transformation we reveal our true, uninjured, innocent inner beauty and we are then free to continue our journey of self realization in a much more free and joyous state.

Our vision is to heal the chakras, emotions, and thoughts (the true source of all bodily disease) so that you can continue your journey on earth with more ease than you previously experienced. Our dedication to this work is our devotion to spirit within you! In our work we use love, light, wisdom, compassion, and intuition as our greatest tools.
At Balanced Lifestyle Therapies the journey to wellness can be through Raja Energy™ or a combination of Transformational Bodywork, Clinical Aromatherapy, and Raja Energy™.

Laurie and Bernhard have successfully helped people with a variety of emotional traumas, physical issues, and more.

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