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Balanced Lifestyle Therapies is a holistic wellness center. Our approach is centered around releasing blocked patterns and energies that have prevented you from living life fully.
Every physical manifestation in our lives has been created by our consciousness. When we don't like what is manifesting on the physical plane of our life or in our body we have to go back to the source to change that. Encountering energetic blockages, is part of this journey and it is these blockages that eventually will help us get in touch with our true thought patterns creating these unwanted 'realities'. Sometimes we have a hard time relasing old patterns. As Energy/Light practitioners we will be able to help you uncover deeply hidden patterns and release those energies that have held you back in any area of your life. Raja Energy is the system we are using to bring awareness and light to the areas that are in need of healing.
At Balanced Lifestyle Therapies we work with energy and thought patterns that contribute to physical or mental dis-ease. The journey to wellness can be through Raja Energy™ or a combination of Transformational Bodywork, Ayurveda, Clinical Aromatherapy, and Raja Energy™.
Our bodywork is also helping those suffering from:
•  migraines and headaches
•  TMJ•  carpel tunnel
•  adhesive capsilitis
•  chronic neck and upper back pain
•  sciatica and lower back pain
•  plantar fasciitis
•  joint problems including arthritis and knees
•  spinal stenosis
•  inflammatory issues
•  anxiety
•  depression
•  stress
•  chronic fatique syndrome
•  and more
In our work we use light, love, and compassion to help you rediscover your unique, innate balance, and to experience life more fully through a deeper appreciation and connection with Self.
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